.. and like Peanut.

I just received this response to yesterday’s post about Paradise.  A photo was attached!

“Dear Betsy… I’m sitting here at my computer getting ready to start the day and laughed out loud when I realized the significance of the image I’ve had as the wallpaper on my desktop for the last couple of weeks … check it out!”                     Peanut



River candy for Valentine’s Day– let’s read Peanut’s river as if it were her palm.

I see:

  • a bed of magnificent, massive, solid rock,
  • tropical vegetation,
  • steep, straight flow,
  • actually TWO flows.  Plus a little squirt.

I don’t see:

  • the destination.

Dearest Peanut,

I have a hunch you’re plunging through massive change in a short time.  TWO big changes, to be exact.  Plus a side endeavor that’s not as intense. Although the end result of these changes is not yet known to you, the entire scenario (including the other living things around you) feels to you like Paradise.  Why?  Because your very movement through life is underlain and surrounded by the strongest stuff available – freedom.  Freedom of mind.  Tell me where I’m wrong 🙂

PS – Your note came in as I was working on two other reader’s questions.  One concerns splitting life between multiple enterprises.  The other involves operating in an ultra straight-forward fashion.  Coincidentally (??) they each relate to your river too.  “We are all connected to each other!”  With goose bumps and XX – B

PPS – Happy Valentine’s Day, Peanut. (I just love to say “Peanut!”)

8 thoughts on “.. and like Peanut.

  1. Wolf Mama

    I have grown up around water and I couldn’t live without the sight, sound and feel of it’s beauty. Even a water-sprinkler’s swish and spray in the summer are such refreshing sounds to me…I do miss the Mississippi. So fortunate to have been able to raise my family small footsteps away from a creek and pond. Water is mesmerizing, lulling. The sight of water changing color and reflecting the sun, and the sound of water rolling over the rocks, erasing all other sound, cleanses and refreshes our soul, eases our anxiety. I couldn’t live without water.

  2. Leah

    This is too much fun, Betsy! Read my river, please! Though I wouldn’t know which one to submit…currently living closest to (less than a mile from) the St. Joseph River here in South Bend, Indiana, and though it is interesting that it “bends” here to flow north to Lake Michigan (and I LOVE Lake Michigan), I still “heart” my home rivers in Iowa: the Cedar, the Shell Rock, the Iowa, and, of course, the mighty, mighty, Mississippi!

    Looking forward to following your blog, Betsy!


    1. Betsy Post author

      I am so excited to dive into these rivers, Leah (Sorry. Unlimitless puns is the occupational hazard of this blog!) and SO delighted to have you visit.

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