Stream Type A — Steps and Pools

Cascades, waterfalls, chutes, and cataracts – no matter your exact form, you’re famous (and famously photogenic) for moving super fast and straight, interrupting your near-vertical steps with flat-but-short pools. You know where you’re going — starting out to follow your calling toward the sea — and you’re going NOW.

Most commonly found on steep hills and in V-notched canyons, you are associated with new beginnings. Your primary asset is your sheer power.

If you’re flowing through fine sediment — the small stuff — it’s unavoidable that your location will shift constantly. That’s okay. But given a firm bedrock or boulder foundation, you’re not only awesomely powerful but incredibly stable — a true force of nature.

Self-care tip: Keep your foundation strong by using your mind’s analytical ability to question any painful thought, asking “is it true?” (

ButtermilkFalls, NY, istock photo

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February 24, 2011

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[This personality typing system is based on the Rosgen Stream Classification System developed by Dave Rosgen of Wildland Hydrology and presented in his book Applied River Morphology and his Catena journal article — not that he has endorsed using it for personality typing!]

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