Stream Type B — Rapids

You’re a river’s river – moderate in every way but never boring. Because you have some gentle bends and reasonably accessible banks PLUS you’re moderately steep, people seeking fun (without full-blown insanity) adore you and your trademark rapids.

Narrow yet gradually sloping U-shaped valleys are your most common milieu which makes sense: you’re more mature than the sheer A-types but not as mellow as the wide flats inhabited by most other stream types. You’re that cool ski patrol dude/chick – adventurous but reasonable and resoundingly cheerful.

And you’re the most resilient of all rivers. B-type channels rarely get destabilized, and when they do it’s  usually from a “base level” drop: something cuts down into the stream’s bed or lowers the elevation of its destination (a lake, sea, or other river). You can tell this has happened if you develop an uncharacteristically fast, precipitous drop somewhere OR an oddly tedious level stretch.  Fortunately, you’re also the easiest of streams to restore, so notice what’s going on but don’t worry — you can handle most of what happens.

somewhere in Norway — istock photo

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[This personality typing system is based on the Rosgen Stream Classification System developed by Dave Rosgen of Wildland Hydrology and presented in his book Applied River Morphology and his Catena journal article — not that he has endorsed using it for personality typing!]

3 thoughts on “Stream Type B — Rapids

  1. Susan Brayton

    fun Betsy! you should share this more…in fact, couldn’t you use this as a marketing approach?? people would enjoy. thanks for sharing. .


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