About this blog:

One day I was reading yet another mystic’s reference to living like a river — wondering what EXACTLY that meant as far as how I should conduct my life — when I realized that my work studying and restoring streams should tell me what that means in MINUTE DETAIL as well in the big picture. So I started letting it. The result is this exploration of the river as life coach. I hope you enjoy it!

About me:

Left Brainers

  • Engineering — received degrees from Brown University and the University of Nevada and Professional Engineer licensure in the State of Wyoming.
  • Natural Channel Hydrology — worked for Cheryl Harrelson and studied with Dave Rosgen (both river rock stars and available for hire)

Right Brainers

  • Anthropology — another degree from Brown
  • Poetry — I am very thankful for poems
  • Yoga — Over 25 years practicing, 20 of it teaching

No Brainer

  • Three kids + their father + many years =   love


  • science + spirituality + daily life = a fully human life (and an abundance of happy metaphors)

A highlight: training and certification from author and Life Coach Martha Beck.

If you’d like to send me a comment, I’d love it: betsypearsonpe[at]gmail[dot]com

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