About this blog:

One day I was reading yet another mystic’s reference to living like a river — wondering what EXACTLY that meant as far as how I should conduct my life — when I realized that my work studying and restoring streams should tell me what that means in MINUTE DETAIL as well in the big picture. So I started letting it. The result is this exploration of the river as life coach. I hope you enjoy it!

About me:

Left Brainers

  • Engineering — degrees from Brown University and the University of Nevada; licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Wyoming.
  • Natural Channel Hydrology — worked for Cheryl Harrelson and studied with Dave Rosgen (both are river rock stars AND still available for hire)

Right Brainers

  • Anthropology — another degree from Brown
  • Poetry — I am very thankful for poems
  • Yoga — 20 years practicing and teaching

No Brainer

  • Three kids + their father + many years =   love


  • science + spirituality + daily life = a fully human life (and an abundance of happy metaphors)

What to call this pursuit? How about “thinker/essayist/speaker on spiritual personal transformation.”

Whatever it’s called, my passion was fed by training and certification from author and Life Coach Martha Beck.

Me (left) and Martha Beck five years ago

66730078-LEAPRETREAT-1864 66730079-LEAPRETREAT-1883

Us last year. Clearly I’ve lowered my ability to control my enthusiasm!

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