“What Kind of Stream Are You?” — The Quiz!

Click here to take Like a River’s “What Kind of Stream Are You?” New Quiz. The quiz is a no-strings-attached-or-emails-required gift from me: anonymous, short (3-5 questions) and — to quote an enthusiastic braided river — “crazy fun!” It will link you back to this site and the profile of YOUR stream type.

[Then you could go to my pinterest boards and re-pin a photo of YOU as a stream if you are so inclined!]

Natural Channel Hydrologists recognize eight basic stream types.* Each type has a complex, unique combination of several traits. You’ll likely have things in common with each stream type and — like a river — the shape of your life will vary over time. In fact, after reading the portraits and gazing at the glamor shots, you may resonate with a different stream than the quiz predicted. Trust your instincts. And please leave a comment or drop me a line to let me know– your feedback will help me tweak the quiz itself.

betsypearsonpe [follow this up with the usual gmail suffix]

As time goes, I’ll be posting special tips directly from rivers of all types that you can use to flow every more merrily along.



PS — If you’re inclined to answer a 7-question evaluation of the quiz, I’d love it and be ever so grateful.  Click here.

* Dave Rosgen of Wildland Hydrology developed the Rosgen Stream Classification System and details it in his book Applied River Morphology — not that he has endorsed using it in humans…

A — steps and pools

B — rapids

C — riffles, pools, and point bars

D — braided

Da — many stable, connected paths

E — meandering. a lot.

F — self-sufficient

G — gully

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