Stream Type Da — Many stable, connected paths

The many threads of your channel system are anastamosed – interconnected and freely intercommunicating. Your uniquely stable lifestyle requires a very, very even and wide space to call home. Although the sizes vary, each of your channels tends to be relatively deep. Da rivers are not dilettantes.

How do you do it all?! Roots and neighbors. Because of your steady, thorough nourishment, your valley fills in with fine materials and dense-rooted vegetation that — in turn — stabilize your banks. The result is a symbiotic, rich network of life.

Protect it by not tolerating ANY digging into or burying any part of your community: no ditches, canals, elevated roads, railways, or flood control berms. No walls. When you maintain your connectivity and level nature, not much can disrupt your lush well-being and a whole web of living things thrives around you.

Saskatchewan River, Canada, photo by N. Smith

(from Utrecht University’s Department of Physical Geography website)

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An arctic delta in Swedish Lapland, istock photo

[This personality typing system is based on the Rosgen Stream Classification System developed by Dave Rosgen of Wildland Hydrology and presented in his book Applied River Morphology and his Catena journal article — not that he has endorsed using it for personality typing!]

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