… expressive.

“How impressive!

— My personal mantra the other day

I spent the other day surrounded by some very impressive folks.

Yeah, I felt some pressure.

At 7:35, the pressure was situated in my brain, perhaps because I was formulating a pretty DAMN impressive To Do List for the following day — a list designed to further an even more impressive 5-YEAR PLAN that I devised while watching the others multi-dazzle with freshness before the coffee was even served. By 7:45, I felt like those Roman shipwreck salvagers at 380-ft below sea level. The pressure was all around me:

Not a pretty picture.

I was focusing my energy in on ME. No wonder I felt the “in-pressiveness.” AND — what’s worse — you can see how I was sucking away at the world. So much for the virtues of meekness.

Then I noticed that those folks I was admiring actually had a very different look. In fact, they were the opposite of impressive:

No internal pressure here. Expressive people extend out, giving to the rest of us.

These are the people we like to stand next to.

We want to bask in whatever they’re putting out.

Champagne Falls

River water too can experience very low internal pressure. When it does, something miraculous develops — actual inner space. Bubbles!

If you live like water, there are two ways to lower your internal pressure:

1. Movement — You might remember how awhile back I thrilled to discover that rivers pick up enough speed to bubble when they leap into space.

People who live as straightforwardly as waterfalls have no time to im-press.

They are going all out.

2. Temperature – Heat up your life with passion and you can’t help but share it. Watch your life expand.

And let me thank you in advance on behalf of the world…

… we need your expressiveness.

5 thoughts on “… expressive.

  1. Kirsten

    Oh – timely, timely, timely!!!! Needed the encouragement to keep moving outward expressing myself. Thanks for another beautiful post!

  2. Kay Pearson

    Simply stunning! Impressive-expressive! Love it! I was thinking of Mother. Certainly your Nana would believe you are “shaping”. It’s interesting to recall that Mother described things and people as “shaping” – never “shaped”. So – I’m not “there” yet. But with your assistance I’m shaping! How fun is that?! Love-M

  3. Leslie Letven Bixler

    That was a moment of pure genius, Betsy. When you talked about the bubbles inside the water, I have to admit you totally impressed me regardless of your desire to or not!!! I’m a little jealous, but in a good way.


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