… who missed the boat.

That’s just plain silly. A river cannot miss a boat. And neither can I.

(Back story: I actually did miss a boat. Well, an airplane. Who does that?? There’s a long explanation in which I am a well-meaning innocent as well as another version in which I am bumbling and humiliated. The following logical points constitute my metaphor-gone-wild attempt to stop wallowing in either.)

Logical Point #1 — The boat isn’t going anywhere without the river.

My trip and all that I was meant to accomplish over the next few days – well, none of that’s going anywhere without me. I can’t miss my own life.

Logical Point #2 — A boat’s purpose is to carry someone across the river without getting wet. But the river doesn’t need to cross itself. And it LIKES getting wet.

If part of the trip was to skate across the surface of my life — ha. I cannot, and I do not want to.

Water is one of a couple dream symbols that Jung felt carried universal meaning — he called it the unconscious. A place where we are connected deeply to soul. Like a river, I enjoy soul inundation. And whadda ya know, here I am. Filled with my life.

Okay I feel a little better…

… thanks for listening. And when the airline sends you a Re-scheduling Notice the day before your trip,  always check the fine print (you know, like the tiny numbers after the word “Date”) to be sure they are not referring to your exact same flight at the exact same time on the exact same day of the week NEXT MONTH! Just sayin.

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